September 19, 2005

My Bro...Huhu

He was so brave.........Along hope you will make it there my lil bro...huhu

September 18, 2005

Epistaxis - Nose Bleeding

This evening, my brother Faidz's nose was bleeding. I am so worried because that was not the first time. I was doing some read up and found out that i was handling it wrongly. I should let his head up instead of letting him lie down. And press his soft-front-part-of-nose for 5-10 minutes.

I was so horified to found out, this may be the symptom of acute leukimia. But as far as me and my mother is concern, i dont think my brother was exposed to any of leukimia relatives or chemical reaction of any but does that includes of my smoking father or some inappropriate medicine my mother could have gave him. I dont think my mother would give any of insuitable medication to him.

But his bleeding stops less than 1 minutes. That should be a normal sign for a hypeactive child in the house. Well who doesnt have hyperactive kids nowadays. Hehe.

So i note down this notes just so i could refer it back if my brother's nose bleed again.

- Atherosclerosis->for older people("hardening of the arteries")or infections, high blood pressure and blood clotting disorders, or they may be taking drugs like aspirin that interfere with blood clotting.

- Frequent nosebleeds may mean you have a more serious problem. For example, nosebleeds and bruising can be early signs of leukemia. Nosebleeds can also be a sign of blood clotting disorders and nasal tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous).

- Tips on preventing nosebleeds

  1. Keep the lining of your nose moist: Gently apply a light coating of petroleum jelly (brand name: Vaseline) inside your nose with a cotton swab twice a day.
  2. Keep children's fingernails short to discourage nose picking.
  3. Counteract the drying effects of indoor heated air by using a humidifier at night in your bedroom.
  4. Quit smoking. Smoking dries out your nose and also irritates it.
  5. Open your mouth when you sneeze.

- Dryness of your mouth

- Rarely, the bleeding may be due to a problem that prevents the child's blood clotting properly. This can be confirmed by a blood test.

- Nose bleeding can be caused by:

  1. Local problems: cancer in the nose, physical injuries of the nose, broken skull, tuberculosis, inflammation of the sinus area like common cold, or bleeding after surgeries and thinning of the mucus membrane by long term usage of nasal sprays of steroids.
  2. Systemic problems: acute leukemia, hemophilia, or aplastic anemia, excessive muscle tension, blood vessel problems like hypertension, hardening of the blood vessels, heart diseases that increase the pressure in the veins, lack of vitamin K, long term usage of blood anticoagulants like warfarin, aspirin etc.[Risk factors for acute leukemia include Down syndrome, a sibling with leukemia, and exposure to radiation, chemicals, and drugs]
  3. High altitude, cold and allergy can also cause nose bleeding.

________________ ______________________

Oookay...Thanks about a bit unhappy story. Lets move on to a happy but i have to keep it short cause i need to do something ni. hehehe...

My younger brother Khalid just fly to London this morning. He went there this morning, my parents and my father's sister and husband and kids, come for the farewell. I can see his sad face to go. This is his country. I can see, but this is for the best right?

I was almost crying to see him walk to leave us behind. I dont know why. My brother. My younger brother is going away. I know my mom loves him so much. And i can see her sad eyes too. She was concern and worried. And so is my father. I have a slightest regret sending my brother today. I hope i didnt see him walking away. But thinking if i didnt get up and follow this morning, i would definately be getting up and realizing he was long gone. I would have been so must hurtfull if like that isnt it?

I know, this is for the best. He would bring back sweet memories. And proudness for my parents. Everybody will be looking up. And high. I know there is so much burden on his shoulder at the moment. But by walking there, so bravely and never looked back. I know he is ready to go.

There was a few obstacle by gong there. MONEY. My father only provide him 50pound. I know if we convert to RM it would means RM350. But 50pound? I imagine my self on the 1st day, holding 50ringgit. It was not enough. Lucky i had some saving. But my brother? new country, no malaysian banks. No credit cards. What could he do if something happens? Ohh....i think i should stop worrying about him. But this situation made me stop from hoping or even fantasising about going there to further my study. I felt a little unaffordable. hehe. I know it is better than nothing. But you are so far away. That is all you have. And that is what concern me so much.

Ok I Thing that was all about it today. I need to go. Happy reading.;)

September 16, 2005

real pic

I'm already been sending this for a zillion time.....i hope this will work...:D

September 15, 2005

Say U'd Make it right.....

For me, as a person, the matter of being right all the time, is not important than trying to be as perfect as we can all the time. Not that, we want everything to be perfect, is the struggle that really matters. Say what? Everyone can say whatever they like. But can you try to do what everyone else is doing? Of course you can. But can you make it as perfect? That is another question, only yourself can answer. And it depends on time consuming, on luck sometimes.

I am so sick at those people who always think that they are on the right track. Who told people that they are believing the right thing. And force people believe the same. And take other people opinions, thoughts or doubts as useless, meaningless. And the people who had been given different thought should jump into a deep shit or something like it. I know, i have my own head. Even my mom wont agree with me sometimes. But i dont try to make her to agree to me. I let her believe what she likes. She or anyone elses around me. And the time will tell, whoever it is on the right track or not. Ok i admit, sometimes, i do shouts and fights for my thoughts. I shouts and fought just so everyone know, i dont believe you, i've seen pretty much picture in my head well enough, and i dont believe you. Give me picture, show me proof, and i will stand there, i will apologize if you want. But you got no proof besides your saliva all the way around everybody who is standing at the back of you ass. huh! Too much people. too much.

If it is your luck, you can manage to get it as perfect. Than it is all yours my friend. Not everybody is as lucky as you are. So stop bragging around my shoulder and try to make me look stupid. Huh! (one more time)

Yes, i know, we have religion. Our religion believes' is like that. I had no doubt in that. Is just that, things is not as easy as what we thought it is. To many things will come along the way. If not i wont feel as hard as i'm feeling right now. If you were so right, tell your friend, which is my boyfriend, to come to my house and talk to my parents. Would him dare to do that??!! no i dont think so. So it is really so simple and easy like you said? You think so? Well i dont. Bluh huh!

And that is about a species of human that exist. There is a lot out there. Oh god i couldnt stand a bit anymore! And a lot more other pain in the ass species that sure does bite me...I mean my life and anger of course..:p

September 08, 2005

NEW LOGO....bad name DINO...badddd...hehe

Ha ni la LOGO baru..sbenanye lg lame sket dr logo smlm........

ha ah la..nmpk cm bebudak...lg best smlm tu..sinonim la kan dgn kite sume pon dh ada tpp...hahahahaha.......THIS IS DESIGNED by DINO.......the dinoshhh.....muahahahahahaha

September 07, 2005

MY Team New tak??

September 06, 2005

Untuk Terakhir Kali

Untuk Terakhir Kali - Marsha

Lagu : Sharon Paul
Lirik : Mukhriz

Mencintai dirimu
Untuk yang terakhir kali ini
Lihat ku disini
Setia untuk dirimu

Kasih yang ku belai
Gugur selama-lamanya
Waktu yang memisah
Menghukum luka yang lama terpendam

Kesuraman yang telah menjelma
Dihujani sedihku
Melaratkan kenangan bersama
Diakhir pemergian dirimu

Tinggallah aku menanti
Mimpi yang indah kan mewarnai hati
Hanyalah dirimu yang bertakhta dijiwaku dulu
Tak rela meninggal suci kasihmu itu
Bersemadi cinta ku di sini
Biar mekar mengharumi
Andai ada masa kan ku temu........kasih........

Ewah...aku ni mcm nk ckp ape pulak..hehehe..takdela...mood aku skang ni mcm tak tau la nk lepas dgr lagu marsha td....ase mcm satu mcm sayu plak kat dlm hati ni...kui kui kui

sebenarnye aku bace satu article kat internet...pasal seorg pompuan ni...yg dh byk kali menyerahkan kehormatan diri kat lelaki-lelaki durjana yang memang wujud dlm dunia yg fana pada masa skang ni....................tak tau la...nk kesian pon ade...nk jerit bodo kuat2 pon ada.........

tp tu la perempuan...mudah terpedaya...mudah mengalah....demi cinta la konon...terlalu asyik dengan cinta...dh byk kali kene tipu...masih lg bagi peluang kat lelaki....aku bukan kata semua perempuan...dan aku pon tak mengecualikan diri aku...mgkin kalu aku jadi perempuan tu...aku pon mgkin bole terjebak...nauzubillah.....aku harap tak......wpon aku ni suke lawan ckp mak aku....ayah everytime aku nk buat sesuatu yg bodo tu...aku akan teringat jasa2 diorg...aku harap tuhan lindungi lah kite semua......

wpon kite tak sepatutnye membenarkan diri aku terperangkap dengan nafsu nafsi yg wujud disekeliling kita bende2 ni....bkn senang nk elak.......tambah lak...kite dh sayang org tu......honestly la....bkn nk bukak pekung di bile dh sayang org tu........kite mmg mcm bernafsu ngn org tu...tinggal lagi tahan nk kontrol atau tidak je...huhuhu...........

article2 cmni..slalu dtg dr empunya badan yg dh berpengalaman...ayat default diorg....mule2 pegang tgn...pstu cuit2.....pstu cium2....pstu....tttuuuuttt....heheheheheh.......

kire ade level gak la......kalu tros terjah tu...mgkin kes rogol la kot...hehehehe........

ntah la..........aku ngeri gak bile bace....dan aku tak nafikan...aku pon tak pecaye ngn diri aku kadang2....tapi kadang2......aku tak suke ade org byk2...bia aku ngn dia je.......mcm2 aku bole ckp ngn aku tak sedar...bila kitrog bedua....bkn kitrog yg bckp bende lain yg bercakap.....hmmmmmmm...........

aku bckp pasal bende ni bkn ape...aku takot...risau........skang ni aku bole la kate...aku yakin ngn ape pilihan aku masa dpn...ketentuan Allah....kalu bkn jodoh aku mcm mana? aku sedih sgt.........bkn aku nak piki bkn2, tapi kalu bole...bile jd sesuatu tu...bialah aku mampu hadapi nye........

Kalau bole...memangla aku taknak la....makin lame....makin aku pon tak sure lagi ape yg aku piki............

setengah org kate..malas nk piki bile kite tak piki....bile terjadi sesuatu yg tak di ingini...kompom kite nyesal sbb tak piki panjang...bile piki.....asek jumpe jln buntu lak kan....mcm2 hal......hehe.....

aku bkn la nk merungut dgn kehidupan aku ni...aku bersyukur sgt...alhamdulillah....aku rasa.....aku masih mampu bertahan.....aku masih bernafas...aku masih bole merasa ape yg org lain bole rasa..........

Tapi bile petang2 mcm ni terfikir.....i cant stop from feeling scared, feared....mcm2 la...hehehehe..ntah ape2 je....

wokeh la..thanks for reading...chow chin chowzzzzz.....

kepada semua..selamat menyambung kerja....kalu dh nak balik...selamat balik.....baik2 memandu tu...hehehehe........