April 26, 2006


Something to think about? hehe....

It 641pm. And i'm still in the office. It has been almost 1 month. And i still feeling weird. I'm changing to a different person. And i think i'm seeing my new self. Hehe. But still, nobody is as perfect. I think i'm changing to be my old self back. Hmm.. Only one step ahead, but i'm now turning back already. Hehe. For instance, i have start writing to this blog again. Which i will do when i have free times. Hehe. And i have a feeling to install YM back. Oh god, i hope he fobids me from doing that. amin Ya Allah. hehe.

What i gain this few years? What i lost this 1 month? In a month time u can loose a friend. In a month time, u can force ur bf to think about the future. Muahaha. In a month time, u can be nuts. In a month time, if u dont use it properly, u will be loosing all the time u had in life. Believe me, i've been there. To the point where i felt nothing worthless about me. To the time where i felt slow. To the time where i hate myself. Eventhough i have everyone beside me. But still i'm not really happy. :(

At that point i have the whole time of the world to do almost about everything for mylife. I can go shopping at 10am in the morning. I can eat breakfast like no my bosses bussiness, and my bos still considering to up my gaji. I can easily planning to meet my bestfriend. At that time, she was too busy. That's why i have to come to her. I dont mind since her office just on my way back home. She never know where my office is. She never know, where my house is. I dont mind, cause i think that is not important. That will never change my perspective towards her. Although, when i met her, i have no time for god. Really, i felt guity to her if i am nervouse if i dont pray. Because i know she dont have the time for the whole world. So i need to give in my time. I'm writting this not to say that she dont care about my feeling. My pride or my religious. But i'm writting this to point out that, i dont mind about it. I'm dont want to be selfish to her. I can accept her as it is. :'(...

whatever it is, it is just a thought. A silly one by me. Actually i'm missing her. And i know she will not like this. Telling things about her to public. I can actually tell it directly to her. But i wont do it. Cause i need time for myself. I need time to accept this new life i was searching for about a year ago. Well goodbye then for now.

April 20, 2006

Sicked Minded Guys

Herm. aku tulis post ni bkn nk kutuk sesape...tp this is reality...i see it happens everyday...re-ocurring.....and mmg kadang2 aku bosan dgn bende tu..

lately..aku rasa sendiri bende tu...cume bezanya..aku blom ada sesapa lg yg kongkong hidup aku as in A HUSBAND!...Tp aku harap aku dpt menanganinya dgn bijak..begitu jugak dgn HUSBAND aku nnti...hehehe..

erm...usually....bende ni worst dekat lelaki yg MAK die housewife...aku taktau la...not all kot..depends on the husband jugak....tp bende ni mcm 2 3 kwn2 aku jugak la yg alami..

Dorg ni aku tak tau la..pendek akal ke...ape ke.....tp memang la aku geram....

Dorg expect the wife tu BIONIC WOMAN ke?? We all penat bekerja tau tak..same like you guys....We do the same now....Carik duit utk keluarga..Apalah salahnya berikan kami sedikit kelonggaran....Dont presure us....Can u?

Sbb bila u pressure that woman...we woman go out...meet people....they tell us many2 stories...they listen...we listen...and we change out our thoughts....a lot......so we will changed our perspective eventually to the man we love...LOVE will eventually transformed to be ANGER, HATRED, DISRESPECTED...etc...Seriuss....But then again, it depends on to the woman itself..Ada jugak perempuan yg tahan sabar dgn perangai laki die...What i am saying is, this woman yg tak bole terima that presure, will changed. Sapa mangsa? Of course, anak2. Both will be like, the husband, its her job of doing this, i wont mind at all...the wife pulak, i wont mind too, i'll must teach him, if i dont do it, eventually he will...one day!....Ei tolong la...one day??? kalu sampai bila2 pn laki die tak sedar....habis la the children....

I sicked la...this MAN....changed his WIFE to be a different person. And the the chirdlren left out confused and they'll be like less careful person. Because nobody cares about them, so they thought, they shouldnt even bother about people also. They will eventually be spoiled. No wonder la, if the parents getting old, the children left them just like that.

I am still new to this world...I'm not even in...But i just want everyone who read this blog to realise this. If you dont changed the world..who will..Give some respect to your partner...Love ur children..Please.....

p/s : i've seen people rotating their responsibility. Today u jaga our chirdren yang sakit ni. Tomorow i'll take my turn. And thanks sayang for doing this...... Isnt that wonderful to have said something like that, ape lg yang mendengarnya???!!

April 11, 2006

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