June 30, 2006

Once In A While

Let say, today i dont know what should i write in here. But since i have 25 more minutes before getting back. I would like to scribble a word or two...Hehehe.

I am about to get married in 5 weeks. Insyaallah.

My plan are like this....

1. Nikah on 4th of August
2. Kenduri at Kermaat Permai on 5th of August
3. Honemoooooonnnnn from 11th August (night on the flight hehe..) until 15th August (going back to work right on 16th huhuhu)
4. Kenduri at Sg Besar on 26th of August.

And my short-coming plans, i dont have the dates yet but here it is....

1. Getting my wedding card (actually it is the back up wedding cards. there's a story about that evil jerks who is suppose to give me my paid wedding cards months ago..Shit guy!!!)
2. Sending them out.
3. Finding a new home.
4. Buying a camera
5. Buying home equipment(But i think i couldnt afford this at the moment)
6. Going to nilai 3 to fetch my Langsir and accesories for my bride room.
7. Paying Mak Andam(this is a must)
8. Doing budget. hohoho.. i will missed a lot of money eventually. huhuhu
9. Doing OT's since my bos had warned me, i cannot claim my OT after my marriage. (Speaking of the real devil...huhuhu)
10. The most important of all ::: MEET THE KADHI TO CONFIRM MY NIKAH CEREMONY!!!!! (huargh3..is it good to say my own parents is one of the Devil too?? hehe...)

Wah...so many i got to do a??? Didnt realize that. There is still things to be done. HUhuhuhu.. Can i manage to cope with it? Continiu with the next serius of my Wedding Crashes and Endeveour...muahahah..what am i saying? Not sure.....chow!

June 09, 2006

I'm keeping it simple....

stright to the point...i cant stop myself from writting something in this...but i do have a lot of things going on with mylife right now...and i always in the middle of situation where i want to jot down something in here...but i end up not doing it...since this is the last day of this week...i want to make it up still....so i end up writting this thing up...hehehe..eventhough there is nothing much in here...but i feel satisfied..i least i let out something..hehehe...bye