August 24, 2010

Flight Information

Korean Air - KE671
Departure: SEOUL (ICN) Incheon
Arrival: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Kuala Lumpur
Depart on 25th AUG 2010 - 16:35 Local Time (Korean) - Minus 1hour for malaysian time!
Arrive on 25th AUG 2010 - 22:00 Local Time (Malaysian)
Good Bye Korea....
Hello Malaysia...
To Australia and UK - no comment. Muahahahaha

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 22, 2010


Ehehe, lagi lebih kurang 4 hari la lg sblm heading back to Malaysia. Flight pukul 4ptg hari rabu waktu korea. Smpai dlm kul 11pm hari rabu jugak waktu mesia kot cmtu. Lebih kuranglah. Lepas touch down, tggu beg, dpt beg, naik KLIA ekspress. Jmpe hubby kt KL Central.
26hb, plan nk EL. ho ho ho ho.....
Tak sabarnya. Final projek tak siap lagi nih. Hihihiihhi.
So far it's been very good here. Puasa pn penuh lg alhamdulillah. Cuma smlm konpius skit time berbuka. Jam senah lain lak dr jam kt bilik ni. Waktu pn lain, sbb dia refer jadual lain. Yg makcik, masuk je waktu dh ngap. Ho ho ho ho....
Final projek, buat cm powerpoint presentation je. Cm bukak bisnes sendiri la. Pstu buat proposal. Dh present for the first time. So now the final time. Pstu ada Farewell Dinner. Cm best nye. Tp course by course, so tak tau bleh mkn ke tak sgt. Hu hu hu. But they's serving meat instead pork la kn. But still unslaughtered la of course! Hu hu hu....But we opt for Vegetarian Table. Yg best tu mkn kt Hilton tuh. Ho ho ho ho. Ntah2 tgk je. Hahahahaha. Asenye mmg tgk jele kot. Siap kene bwk bekal lagik. Hihihihi....
Then Selasa, course evaluation, pstu ada la playtime skit ntah ke hape. Pstu tghari rushing balik, pstu abissssss... Ada lg 24 jam before heading home.
Rabu packing, kul 1230pm naik shuttle pi airport. Pstu lepak le smpai 435pm, br nk berlepas. Nasib, sbb shuttle skali ngn org yg boarding kul 345pm... Hu hu hu. Tp ok jgk ler. Smbil lepak2 leh le buat apa2 yg ptt. Apa dia yg ptt? Ho ho ho ho...
And the best part is, BUKE DLM KAPAL TOROBANG!!! 2 jam lepas on flight, buke dlm tuh. Hu hu hu. Apa la nk mkn yek? Aritu mmg takleh mkn apa2, sbb die serve chicken sosej. Ish ish ish ish ish ish ish....Alamat minum juice ler smpai terkoncing2.
Kojap je 3 minggu kn. Tak smpt nk bernapas sgt. Ho ho ho. So welcome back to the office!

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 20, 2010

Sook Myung University Campus Tour

Aisey, Lombab giler nk upload gmbar. So ni jela gmbar kengkawan. Ok bai. ehehhe
I dont know where it is, but we are almost finish, just right beside our class room buiding - centennial hall

It is inside one of the gallery. The pic shows a man (husband), a women (wife) and their kiddo. It's kinda cute, so i took a picture.

Close pic...

It's my fellow malaysian and indonesion friend. Haha, mcm lah aku ni org Burgundy kn. Burgundy lah sgt. ;p

This foto taken after dinner, ya it's a wrap up and we're going back to the hotel. :D

Location: Sook Myung University, Seoul Korea

Date: 19th August 2010

Hari ni sebenarnya last day of class. Means the last class to be attended is today. So everybody was being very happy about it.

We all can't wait to see our beloved family at home. 6 more days to go. :D. We all think.

At the same time, we're feeling a little bit not happy to leave our friends here. As we are about getting closer to each other. At first we were the total stranger. Now, we're friends!

What i learned in Korea is, 1. I can never fullfill everyone's desire, i can never become one perfect person. 2. I've also to remember, that no one is perfect, everyone comes with their on capabilities and inabilities. 3. Just accept them all as what they are, take the positive vibes, and not to stick on the negative views. And i know, i'll be okay. I just need to learn to be more patient. I'll survive, insyaAllah. :D

And back home, i was told that, my bestfriend is due for delivery soon!, my husband and my mom is having fever, milk and pampers supply for my sons is almost finish. Ya, that's a little does worried me. But i try to give few remarks to cheer and go-hubby-go to my husband, even though i know, it's annoying. Because i'm not there! Huhu. But i know, he will make it. It's been almost 20days. He'll survive for the next 6 days. :D.

Ohya, i have not told, that i cooked! Did i? Last weekend, we went to Itaewon, where there's Halal Restaurant, Halal Mini Mart near the Mosque. So what we did there is, we bought chicken. The first very day the chicken arrived at our hotel, we cooked Tomyam! The next day, we cooked Sup Ayam with veggies we bought at the University, and it's on Monday. There is still Chicken on our fridge, we didn't get to cook them yet as we were home very late at night. Not that late, around 9pm local (korean) time, but still, we were rushing to do the prayers. So, we opt for serunding and a simple mee maggi for sahur. :D. We're planning to cook again, maybe on Sunday and invite our fellow muslim friends from Indonesia, it's about 4 of them. Ya, i know, we are playing full time student by doing the invitation. Perasan i must say. Ekekeke. But i think it's good. Ya, lets not discuss about the cause, because you know me, i tend to make eeeeverything long. ;p. Ok lets not think about the other way around. ;p.

So i will decribe our tour in sequence. And the good news is, this post will come with pictures. Ya, i didnt sleep after having my sahur (alone actually cause my roommate is having her menstruation. :)). But i will sleep after this. :D

Ya, my english looks good isnt it? Since i have to talk in english a lot here, so i kinda like to write in english this time. But it's not good english pun kan? Hahaha. Whatever! :)

August 19, 2010

Anak2 Makan


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Date: Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 9:32 PM
Subject: a

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

Roslin Hashim’s wife claims divorce triggered over another woman

From: The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: The wife of former national shuttler Roslin Hashim claimed that their divorce was triggered when her husband had gone to a hotel to be with another woman.

Norhayati Othman, who testified at the Gombak Timur lower syariah court here, claimed that her husband and Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman, the wife of ex-badminton player Jailani Sidek, had checked into a hotel here on Aug 7.

"They checked into a room which was registered under Raja Azmi's name," said the 38-year-old, adding that she went to the hotel in Jalan Ampang with her mother and two younger brothers to look for Roslin, 35.

Norhayati, who is the National Film Development Corporation marketing director, further claimed that Jailani was also present at that time and had tried to deter her and her family by calling Roslin and telling him to get out of the room.

"When we entered the room, only Raja Azmi was there. I then asked Jailani to call Roslin to come back.

"After an argument, Roslin uttered the divorce proclamation by saying 'I cerai you lah' (I divorce you)," she said.

Wednesday was the first day of the hearing for the case filed by Norhayati, who is seeking to validate the divorce proclamation.

Roslin, who later took the stand, claimed that he was pressured to utter the proclamation because the situation was very tense and his wife had "forced" him.

I don't know there exist a man that is as stupid as he is. If you are backing up yourself, you shouldn't have said that you were there with a reason in the first place!
He denied being in the same hotel room with Raja Azmi, 51, whom he claimed had asked him to accompany her to register the room.
Hellooowww.. org tu ada laki, yang ko nk teman dia tu apahal mister. Akai letak mana wei?
"She had permission from her husband, Jailani (to register the room with me). I went to park my car while she checked in alone," said Roslin, who wed Norhayati on July 9.
It is very misterious for a man, to be together with a woman in a room, with that particular woman have her own husband living in the same country. Only bullshits people, may claim that being like that(asked him to accompany her??? husband hang mana?) is OK. I don't know if any husband of the world would consider to accept this kind of things? Will you?
He said he was very angry that his wife had confronted him in the hotel, together with reporters and Federal Territory Religious Affairs Department officers.
Maybe she had gone over the board (but i actually agree with her action). But, maybe she don't have the chances to confront him at home. It looks like she had probably knew it or predicted it, the scandal, and she is very confident to have called up that woman's husband and the authorities to come with her!
"If she suspected that I was having an affair with Raja Azmi, she should have talked to me personally," Roslin added.

Lawyer Zulqarnain Lukman acted for Norhayati while counsel Roslizam Rahim represented Roslin.

The ex-badminton player from Kelantan married Norhayati, his second wife, after meeting her less than five months ago.

Roslin's first marriage, with Faizah Mohamad, lasted only 12 days.

On Aug 12, he filed a RM53,450 suit against Faizah for losses he allegedly incurred during their engagement and wedding ceremonies.

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 16, 2010

20 Minit Lagi..

Hari ni hari ahad.
Ahad kedua, tinggal satu lagi hari ahad. Tak sabarnya nk jmpe Abang, Firdaus n Hafiy... :D
Pagi tadi bangun lmbt sikit. Sbb mlm sblmnya buat assignment. Jadi tdo dekat kul 1pagi bgn kul 3pg utk sahur. Tdo balik kul 4:15. Lepas subuh. Subuh awal sini.
Kul 9:30 baru bgn. Muahahaha. ;p...
Lepas tu, mandi2 tunggu rumet balik dr buat assignment dalam kul 11 kami keluar pergi Dong Daemoon, naik LRT di Korea. Pengalaman yg memenatkan. Jalan sana, naik tangga, turun tangga...Aduh penat2. Nanti kalu smpt aku selitkan gmbar. Kalu tak korg bc jela dlu ye. Hik hik.
Lepas ke sana, byk kedai tutup al maklum lah Ahad. Kami terus ke Itaewon. Nk pergi masjid yg satu2 ada kt Seoul nih. Oh dekat Dong Daemoon tadi bli jean utk hafiy 1, utk firdaus 1. Msti mama diorg yg suka tgk anak2 pakai suar secomel itu. ekekekek. Anak2 mengikut je. ;p.... Lepas tu dok berangan2, kt KL nanti nk shopping ngn Abang plak. Msti lg best. ;p... Paling best bila bertekak, sorg nk blikan mcm ni, sorg plak nk mcm tuh. ;p... Tp itu lah indahnya perkahwinan. That's for me. ;)....
Smpai Itaewon, cari peta. Sbb peta yg ada hanya utk kawasan sekitar hotel jerk. Mmg tak masuk masjid. Alamak, masjid takde dlm peta. Mana nk cr nih. Tiba2 dtg seorg Hamba Allah. Truly Korean, speaks fluent english, but not muslim, but also heading for Masjid. Alhamdulillah.....
we were guided thru Alllll the way. So nice kn? dan Barulah kitrog jumpe Makanan Halal! Rindu sgt nk mkn ayam, nk mkn daging. Huhuhuhu.....
Ada restoran masakan ISLAM. But of course, takde la masakan melayu. Kunyit pn tak kelihatan, apatah lagi Tamarind utk buat asam pedas. Mknan iranian, pakistan, mediteranean. Adelah.
And around 6, waktu Korea, br smpai stesen LRT dekat hotel. Lepas solat Zuhur dan Asar, kitrog balik. Kate pakcik tadi, bahaya malam2 kt kawasan situ. Esp kalau nk stay utk terawikh. Sbb tepi tu ada bar, dan jalan dia agak kelam dan gelap. He insisted us to go back home before dark. Just as what we are planning. Kitrog pegi sana nk smayag dekat masjid, dan nk cr makanan halal. What a nice feeling and expirience. Setelah sekian lama smyg dekat ceruk katil, ceruk meja, atas kusi bas dan sewaktu dengannya, kami akhirnya dpt smayg dengan aman, tenteram, dan sekawan, dpt jemaah asar dgn jemaah2 lain. Alhamdulillah.
Now, waiting for berbuka. Missing my hubby and son sangat2. U All, rindu i tak? Huhuhuhu....
plus minus sminggu lagi to goo...
Lets get it over with!
Ta ta....

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 12, 2010

Life In Korea

Hi tawan2. Sori ler takde gambau, takde port le. Slalu pc ni ade reader utk memory card. Ini takde. So layan jela haku yg melayan perasaan.
Kt sini cm blaja isu gender. Sbenanye dia mcm lu piki la sendiri. Mana yg baik. Mana yg tak.
Tp aku agak high term skit ngn typical malays. Diorg ni mcm, eh kenapa org korea ni nk fight sgt isu genderism nih. Mesia takde problem pun in terms of being a man or woman?
Bg aku, i look at things simply. Kalu aku nk amik as a point of my life, aku amik, kalu aku taknak, ko nk paksa2 aku aphal.....? Kn?
I mean, just a sec, when u think of it. Yah, maybe the koreans wants u to follow them, because they want to lead. In terms of to gain power through out the world. But it's u who controlled ur life.
So lantak pi la kn.
Cm diorg dok fight for equality against woman and man. Tapi lama2 diorg piki balik, lelaki fizikally lebih kuat dr pompuan. Mentally pn lebih slumber katak dr pompuan. Yelah, pompuan mudah terasa, mudah emosi, mudah menangis. Lelaki hati kering, mana ada isu emosi2 sume nih. Br ko cm tepiki, equality cannot got just like that. Must come with a reason. Must think impact yg dtg along with it.
Contoh: Toilet. Kenapa, woman take longer time, padahal bilangan toilet sama, besar toilet sama. 10 pompuan 10 lelaki masuk toilet lelaki/perempuan yg dlm tu ada 5 toilet. Tapi we will see long que on woman's room. Why? Sbb lelaki, naturally they can just bukak zip n shuuuu. Perempuan, they have to bukak spender, bukak suar / angkat skirt.. perlu properly duduk. And after a while br bleh clean up, lap and so on. Lelaki they can just shot, wash up, lap and zip. As simple as that. Ni talking about peeing la. Berak2 citer lain. Kira pompuan take approx like 5 - 7 minute, ha pegi la korg time waktu dlm toilet korg. Lelaki can take less than 4 minutes je kn. So thats why, memang takleh la nk equal lelaki ngn perempuan, because we are just not the same.
Contoh 2. Angkat brg2 berat. Kdg2 kite still mengharapkan lelaki kn? Mmg ada perempuan mampu angkat. Adakah semua kita mampu? Adakah kita boleh biar lelaki angkat 1 baldi air, perempuan pn angkat 1 baldi air? Adakah kita mau kehidupan mcm tu? Aku takmau. Ko angkat la 2 baldi, aku nk angkat paling byk pn 1. Sakit pinggang weih. Hihihihi.
Dlm Al-Quran kn dh sebut, Hawa tu cuma dr tulang rusuk Adam. So, kite muslim dh lama tau. Yg koreans tu bangang sangat aphal. Muahahah. Takdelah, kita nmpk growing patterns diorg, nmpk yg lama2, bebalik balik pd Al Quran. Jadi, cm aku, aku anggap itu 1 cahaya lah. 1 point, yg aku boleh pegang, kenapa Islam itu benar, islam itu kukuh. Allahu Akhbar!
Lagi 1 yg aku ase sgt tough kt sini, pantang ada Lagu touching skit / Story touching skit = KOMPOM NANGIS! Huwaaaaaa. Senang btol nk touch2. Aku ase sbb Bulan Ramadhan la kot. Pstu jauh dr family. Dr anak2 terutamanya. Huhuhuhuhu....
Yg psl lagu nobody2 tuh. Slama ni aku dgr aku pn ase nk joget2. Boleh aritu org semua joget2, aku nangis?
Tadi ada citer psl sorg guy ni, dia nk retired, pstu cm diorg buat surprice celebration la utk dia. Dia ni cm cikgu. Pstu cm nk retired, dia tak nmpk apa yg die dh buat. Mcm takde achievement apa2. Pstu student2 dia mcm2 la, ada yg jd Mayor la, apa la. Kire berjaya la. Pstu dia ckp:
"There no one in this room (dewan besar gk, ramai gk dlm dewan tu) that life, u did not touch. You are the symphony of ourlives"
Sumthing like that lah.
So aku pn nangiss..
Ntah ape2 kn? Ekekekek.
Ok la tu je nk merepek meraban. Babai

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 10, 2010

Korean Song Session..

I want nobody nobody but you.....
I want nobody nobody but you.....
I want nobody nobody but you.....
I want nobody nobody but you.....
Sudah tak boleh tahan. Tepaksa nangis... Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
Ok gtg nk pegi nangis. Igtkan online td org tu online gak. tp dia away plak.. Uwaaaaa..............................

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 09, 2010

Fwd: gambar smlm

Wiken smlm, Ahad, Pg smpai Zuhur mama pi Meyoung Dong. Ntah cemana eja.
Mama bli souvineer utk member opis, mama bli shirt pedos n hapiy, mama bli skin care goodies utk mama, nenek umi n nenek kampung. Skin whitening utk Mak Andak.
Mama tgk Jersey abah, rege dlm 79,000 KRW. So mcm mahal jer. Convert mesia dlm RM200 lebih sehelai. Nk bli yg local, mcm tak cantik, murah la skit dlm 10,000 KRW dalam RM30 jerk. Pstu abah kate takpelah, duit mama pn dh tinggal skit jerk. Nk survive lg 2 minggu nih. Baik bli Korean Shirts yg murah2 tu jerk kn.
Tgk la cemana. Still byk masa lg. Kalu last minute ada duit lebih bole la bli kn.
Sini suma mmg mahal la mama tgk. Bayangkan bli ais pn 500 KRW = RM1.40. Ais sj.
So lepas balik shopping, mama bantai tdo smpai mlm. Ho ho ho ho. Sbb mama takleh smyg. Homework cikgu sini bg pn dh siap. Pstu mlm2 kul 1 pg pn takleh tdo lg. Ho ho ho. Padan muka aku.
Mmg try jgk la to enjoy. But msti ada selang seminit tu piki org2 tersayang kt mesia. Rinduuuu sgt.
Td de tgk cite kelakar, mcm ala2 Mr. and Mrs. Smith tuh. Tp korean version. Kelakar gile. Nnti ada masa mama citer keh. Ekekekek.
Kt bwh ni report pendek dr Abah. Nak lg nak lg. Hehehe.
Ok tu je, love you all so much. Muah muah muah....
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From: Shahrun Hisam <>
Date: 2010/8/9
Subject: gambar smlm

Pg lepak2, kemas umah, tghri bwk dorg mkn McD..pastu ptg hafiy tdo dalam pkl 3..pkl 5:30 kejut die bwk g main bola kt padang..pastu mlm td die bgn 3 kali asenyer…nak nyusu..last skali dah nak pkl 6..pastu die tak tdo smpai la nak g kje…dlm kete tros tdo…tp masuk nursery jer jaga nangis balik…firdaus mlm td pon die jaga2 gk..psl kene gigit dgn pebenda ntah…tp ok..

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 08, 2010

Mama Rindu

Mama sangat rindu dengan korg sumer. Tak tau nk gmbarkan cemana perasaan.

Bila hari mama penuh 1 hari dgn aktiviti pun mama rindu. Inikan pulak hari yg takde aktiviti.

Bila mama tgk gmbar, lagi mama sedih, tp bila mama tak tengok, pun mama jadi sedih, sebab kenapa, pg mama takde suara anak2 mama. Kenapa takde suara abah, tanya mama nk mkn apa? Nk brekpes apa?

Kenapa takde suara Firdaus merengek2 nak itu, nak ini.

Kenapa takde suara Hafiy, merengek2 nk susu, nak ikot.

Kenapa mama tak dengar suara2 tu.

Mama rindu sgt. Kalau boleh hari ni mama nk terbang balik. Mama HOME SICK!

Mama tak smpt nk perah susu kerap2 kali mcm kt mesia. Dh la mlm2 mama tak serajin dlu, bangun dan pump susu. Sori sgt sayang. Sori......

Mama ingat, lepas 2 3 hari, perasaan ni akan reda. Mama akan terbiasa dengan keadaan ni. Tapi tidak, semakin hari semakin worst rasanya perasaan rindu ni................................. Bkn sebab mama tak biasa, tapi ntah lah. Takpelah, mama tulis bkn untuk sesiapa pun faham atau cuba nk faham. Mama tulis sebab mama perlu tulis......

Abang u nampak kurus. Huhuhu. Lg i sedih tgk u kurus cmni. Tak smpai seminggu i tinggalkan u. Hope u okay kt sana. Handle budak2 sorg2. I sendiri pn tak sanggup ko jd ibu tunggal. Huwaaaaaaaa. Abang u mkn la byk skit. U jgn susah hati ye. I kt sini ok, mkn cukop sumer. Cumer i rinduuuuuu sgt kt u ngn anak2.... Huhuhuhuhuhu.....

Firdaus nmpk sgt matured flm gmbar ni. Ni dekat mana ni? Hafiy nmpk cm ok jerk. Sihat je dia ek. Alhamdulillah. Firdaus, jaga hafiy ye. Jgn pukul2 adik tau. Hafiy sayang abang firdaus ok.... Mama rindu kt Firdaus ngn Hafiy. Salam sayang peluk cium dari mama tau. Huhuhuhu

Hari ni takde gmbar, mama takde mood nk up gmbar. Mama sgt down hari ni. Mama sgt rindu mesia, rindu anak2 mama. Mama ok. Makan cukop. Tidur ckp. Rehat ckp. Mama sihat. Cuma mama rindu...
Mama tengah tunggu abah bgn dan online. Tp nmpknya abah tak online2. Huhuhuhuhu.. Rindu ahh sgt2. 2 more weeks to go.
Minggu dpn nk pose dh. Selamat Berpuasa semua.... Moga2 dipermudahkan puasa dan ramadhan kita tahun ini. Untuk beramal ibadat.
Mama dh dpt sepasang baju firdaus n hafiy. Tp tshirt abah blom jmpe lg. U nk kaler merah ke putih ni? Tshirt korea biasa nk tak?

August 07, 2010

Fwd: Gambar Day 3 and 4

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Date: 2010/8/7
Subject: Gambar Day 3 and 4
To: Abang <>

Hari jumaat - pergi Kem. Wanita Korea, Institute Latihan Wanita dan Tgk Theather NANTA - a feymes korean theather, mcm theater cuci the musical tu la. Kt mesia tak tgk, gi Korea lak dpt tgk. Nnti nk tgk ngn My Beloved Husband. Hik hik hik
Hari Sabtu - Hari jalan2. Ni kt Samsung Delight. Jap gi pi Shoppimngggggggg. Mcm la byk duit.
Tak target byk pn.
Nk bli walet abg, purse aku kalu ada, henbeg kalu murah, tshirt anak2 kalau murah, Duit pn tak bwk byk, duit elaun aritu tinggalkan utk anak2 skit, ngn utk raya skit. Huhuhuhu....
Takpela, yg penting pengalaman, kan abang kn ? Hehehe

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

Fwd: Update dr Mesia. Hu hu

Nampak mcm muka hapiy dh lain, muka Firdaus dh lain.
Mama rindu sgt kt korg. UWaaaaaa

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Date: Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 10:19 PM
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To: Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin <>

 tgh isap susu...

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 05, 2010

Happy Annivesary...

4 tahun lah...

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

Fwd: Hari pertama

Speechless.... :'(

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Date: Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 11:33 PM
Subject: Hari pertama

pegi main playground dkt dato keramat

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin

August 04, 2010

Connecting From Korea

7:00pm 3rd August 2010 : Arrived at KL Central
7:30pm                          : Arrived at KLIA via KLIA Express
11:30pm                        : On Board on flight KE 672 to Korea, was delayed for half an hour because somebody left something outside. So the pilot have to wait. Silly but amazing because i dont know they waited for something like that? :D
All are Malaysian time. Malaysian time is 1 hour later than Korean. Malaysian is +8 and Korean is +9.
6:58am 4th August 2010 : Arrived at Incheon Airport Seoul Korea
8:15am                          : Updating blog for dear Husband and Friends.
Now, the time is Korean time. It's 7:15 in Malaysia!
Missed my kids and hubby........
Can't wait for 3 weeks time to end.
End of update. Now is waiting for a Karzastan Participant to arrive. Is tuning myself to speak English. ;p..... Lantaklah kalau ada salah eja.
Terimalah serangkap pantun.
Kalau ada sumur di ladang
Bolehlah saya menumpang mandi
Badan dah bau mcm seladang
Tak saba nk mandi.
Ho ho ho ho
ok bye

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin